What to Wear

Initial Impressions

  • Dress to impress. Make sure you are wearing smart business wear and that you are looking neat and tidy. First impressions are lasting. But don’t overdo it.
  • Look the interviewer(s) in the eye when you are greeting them, making sure to use formal language. A good personal manner is important in any business.
  • Try to appear confident, courteous, smile and give a firm handshake.
  • Sit when asked to be seated.
  • Eye contact is crucial as it implies confidence and honesty. Good posture is also important, sit up straight, smile and convey enthusiasm. Slouching in the interview conveys a sense of disinterest and laziness. Be positive and pay particular attention to your body language. For example crossed arms indicate barriers between you and the interviewer, and leaning forward implies interest.
  • Make sure to listen to the questions carefully without interrupting and answer them as concisely as possible. Before you respond to a question, make sure you think about the answer. Do not waffle and do not try to be evasive. If you cannot answer a question, be up front about it. Honesty is the best policy. By having practiced difficult interview questions, answer will come fluently and some of the questions will not prove as hard as they seem.

For Men

  • Research suggests smart and classic is what you should aim for.
  • Always try for a navy blue, dark grey or black suit, white or blue shirt and keep the white socks for the running track!
  • Ties are a reflection of your personality but should be appropriate to the occasion. An imprinted tie of Homer Simpson will give the interviewer a feeling that you may not be altogether a serious character!
  • Well polished shoes are the small details that many interviewers look for
  • Take out all earrings and excessive jewellery – conservative is the key!
  • Someone who takes care of themselves is likely to take care of a good job, so personal hygiene is very important!  Clean-shaven or well-trimmed beards and moustaches, clean nails and tidy hair are all essential.  Oh and try not to overdose on the aftershave!
  • A smart briefcase or simple folder for your C.V. and certificates is much more preferable than a plastic bag or crumpled sheets of paper.

For Women

  • Do remember this isn’t a fashion show.  Trendy and modern are good signs but should always be tempered with a classic, business look.
  • Safe bets are always suits (skirt or trousers) and an appropriate blouse. Skirts should always be kept to “appropriate” lengths, preferably knee-length.
  • Try to keep jewellery to a minimum, with earrings limited to one pair.
  • Subtle make-up is the answer and do pay particular attention to the colour and condition of your nail polish and lipstick.
  • Hair should be clean and tidy and above all, under control!
  • A smart briefcase or simple folder for your C.V. and certificates is much more preferable than a plastic bag or crumpled sheets of paper.