A Case of the Nerves

If you suffer an attack of nerves, immediately explain this to the interviewer. It will, if nothing else, relieve some anxiety!

The night before, visualise yourself going into the interview confidently and answering questions with ease and in a relaxed manner. Then practice visualisation all the way to the interview.

Give more attention to the preparation explained earlier.

Definitely DON’T resort to drink, smoke or other stimulants!

Breathe deeply just before the interview whilst counting to ten to clear your mind so that you are not so worried.

Once you’ve overcome your nerves, you’ll probably find the extra adrenaline has helped you to perform your best!

One of the best ways to reduce or eliminate nerves is through role –play. Practice sharing your best success stories ahead of time and you’ll feel more relaxed during the real interview.

If none of the above helps, then try going to relaxation classes such as yoga to understand how your body can best relax.